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3 Important things that may be missing from your digital marketing

When considering digital marketing many of my clients have difficulty stepping back and seeing important things that may be missing. Sometimes this is because there is so much in the digital ecosystem that is constantly changing, and sometimes clients have their favorite marketing channels and measurements that are hard to move past.

Today I'm going to share three things that are commonly missed from clients' digital marketing strategies that you should be thinking about.

Digital Campaign Benchmarks

What does success look like for your business? What does average look like? How about not quite good enough? If your overall objective is very broad, for example “improve year over year performance” it’s worth defining this further for your digital campaigns.

Setting a benchmark and defining what “good” looks like can really help keep your strategy on track. Once you know the good, the bad and the middle ground, it offers something really tangible to measure up against when you’re reviewing campaigns and deciding where and how to optimize.

Timing Your Opportunities

You’ll hopefully already be taking into account seasonality when planning your digital marketing campaigns, and you might have data telling you the best days of the week when customers convert.

Factor in the timings of your customer buying cycle. For high value items, like furniture for example, the customer buying cycle could include an extended period of research, followed by your customer speaking to their partner before making the final purchase decision, in some cases this other person could end up making the actual purchase despite having little interaction with the brand themselves. Or perhaps your products are at a low cost point and typically purchased in an emergency.

Using this information when planning your digital strategy can not only help increase conversions, but it can potentially help you plan when and where to focus your budgets, what messaging you should be deploying at each stage and the frequency of messages.

Offline Considerations

Understanding your customer behavior is a key part of forming a successful digital strategy, you can find data on their digital activities and interactions with your brand, however you shouldn’t neglect their offline activities.

Review all the offline touch points your customers have with your brand, for example if you have a physical location they can visit pre-purchase, maybe the first offline touch point is when you send out the products they’ve ordered.

Each of these offline touch points could present an opportunity to help achieve your objectives. For example by encouraging a repeat purchase, prompting someone to leave a review of your product, or to share their experience with your brand on social media.

These are just a few items to consider that might be missing from your digital marketing strategy. Let McCafferty Advertising take a deep-dive into your current marketing efforts with a marketing audit. We can help you determine what’s really working and what is not along with any missing pieces you may not be considering. Contact us today to take the first steps toward marketing success.

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