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5 Print marketing tips you may not have considered

Not everyone is as deeply involved in social media as we all assume they may be. There is still a place for print marketing in your overall advertising efforts. Brochures and business cards are a given, but here are some ways to reach consumers using print you may not have considered.

Direct Mail

Introduce your business to new customers by using direct mail. This will allow you to target specific neighborhoods or demographics that match a profile of your best customers.

Direct mail is a little more personal than an email because it shows extra time was taken to write and deliver it. It also has a better chance of being seen, as people are less likely to receive very much snail mail compared to the truckload of spam email they get every day. People also tend to keep things they receive in the mail for reference, giving direct mail a longer shelf life. And with some of the personalization possibilities that digital printing offers, direct mail can be a great addition to your marketing mix. Personalized direct mail can be very effective at reaching a specific individual with your message. This kind of one-off mailer can be effective in reaching individuals at high levels of organizations, or who are otherwise almost impossible to reach.

Promotional giveaways

Promotional products are an excellent way to get customers to connect with your business. There are many giveaway items to choose from and they range across a wide range of costs. You can make them available to distribute at your business or take them to community events for people to pick up. You could also work with other business owners to see if they would give out some of your items if you return the favor for them.

The types of products you give away will depend on your budget. Consider a wearable item such as a T-shirt or hat bringing you a return on your investment. People will become walking billboards for your business when they wear them. You also could provide items associated with your business so they think of you when they use it.

If you want to be remembered at their office, paper cubes with your logo and phone number or post-it note pads are well received. Not likely to be thrown in a drawer and everyone could use more note paper. (Tip: be sure to put your phone number towards the bottom of the cube so it doesn’t disappear as the paper is used)

Working with local newspapers

Contrary to many digital marketers popular belief, plenty of people still read the newspaper, particularly in small, rural communities. Chances are, those are the same people who might not see much of your digital advertising. There are a couple of ways you can leverage your newspaper. The first is to buy some ad space for your business. The size of your ad and how often it runs will depend on your budget.

A less expensive but more time consuming, but very effective way to leverage your local newspaper is to become a guest columnist. This will ensure your name (and that of your business) gets in the paper on a regular basis, which could be weekly, monthly, etc. Your column could be topical based on your local news, or it could offer tips based on the type of business you own. This will establish your expertise in your field and build trust with readers, who could turn into customers, but of course you must have interesting and relevant information to share.

Adopt a park or highway

This idea is a little more out-of-the-box: adopt a highway or an area park. You’ll be charged with keeping that area clean and maintained, but a sign also will be erected explaining who is responsible for the area. This will not only serve as an ad for your business, but it also will show your commitment to the community.

Unlike a billboard, when people drive by this type of sign, they’ll think of your business’s civic-mindedness and remember it when they are in need of a good or service you provide. This will only work if you have the time or resources to maintain the park or highway. It will look bad if your area is full of litter and overgrown with weeds. Consider organizing cleanup days so that you and your employees can interact with the community to get to know your customer base better. In Louisville, a call to Brightside will get this ball rolling.

Print marketing is a tried and true tool for marketing your company successfully. Try some unconventional ways to get potential customers’ attention. Hopefully, these tips will help you do that. If you need some help with your marketing and advertising, please don’t hesitate to contact McCafferty Advertising An intelligent approach to unconventional thinking will guide your marketing efforts to success.

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