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5 Tips to increase your Facebook likes

Getting more likes on Facebook means that you’re getting the positive attention you need and the engagement you want in support of the messaging you hope will reach the audiences you are attracting. You may have products or services to sell, or a point-of view you wish to communicate, and Facebook likes help to qualify your messaging and to attract new and more deeply engaged users.

Get the likes your content deserves using some of the 5 tips below:

1. Email existing prospects to let them know you have a Facebook page. Ask for them to like your page and provide a link to reduce the activity required to make that effort. In other words, don’t make them ‘think”. Make it easy.

2. Embed a “Facebook social icon” on your blog and website that provides the functionality for readers to follow your page and ‘like’ your content easily.

3. Offer them a free, like a white paper or infographic that adds value to a post in exchange for liking your page.

4. Link to your Facebook page in your email newsletter banner. This could be at the top of the page, the right hand side banner as well as at the bottom of the newsletter. Digital design indicates that providing several options is more effective than just one.

5. Join Facebook groups in your categories of interest – and post a blog that will drive traffic connecting with you on Facebook.

McCafferty Advertising can help build your social media presence through sound marketing strategies and creative execution. Contact us today and we can assist you with an evaluation of your current marketing helping you find ways to make it as effective as possible. Just click here to learn more.

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