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Bring value to LinkedIn groups

Content marketing demands that you provide value to prospective customers through the use of content. The goal of this activity is to establish your company and its employees as thought leaders in your industry. When a prospective customer is ready to buy the products and services you provide, the reader will remember that your company knows how to address their pain points, and that you will support them through the purchasing cycle and beyond.

This thought leadership approach to social media is especially effective when using LinkedIn and especially within LinkedIn discussion groups. When you enrich the content you’re sharing with equally valuable social content, LinkedIn discussion groups can be the biggest single source of leads for a marketer.

Social content refers to the message that is included when sharing a piece of content. In terms of LinkedIn discussion groups, you are far more likely to get positive feedback, not to mention generate leads, from a post that includes a question in it.

Asking a question with your social posts invites discussion. It engages your prospective customers in a conversation where you are able to share your knowledge and expertise and it opens the door to on-going follow-up communications that can draw you closer to a sale.

Asking questions also helps you to identify the pain points your potential customers are feeling. Their responses inform you about exactly what aspects of your product or service are most marketable to them. Your conversational responses add value to discussion groups and help to get new prospective client relationships off the ground.

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