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If you don’t audit your digital marketing today, how will you strategize for tomorrow?

Digital communication has expanded tremendously and as a result; more organizations are recognizing its importance within the marketing mix. In order to develop strategies and to allocate resources, business leaders need to understand the effectiveness of their existing digital initiatives. After all, how will you get to where you want to go without knowing where you are right now? Conducting a digital audit – a study of your brand’s digital presence across some key areas is a good way to understand your current digital state, identifying what is currently working, what needs some assessment based on priorities and capacity, and what needs to stop so you can fill-in some gaps, change direction or eliminate it all together. Consider the following when auditing your digital marketing: Reach – Organic and paid exposure across digital channels

  • Do you have an email-marketing program in place? What are your open rates, click rates, etc.?

  • Do you have a presence on social media channels relevant to your organization? Measure potential reach via likes, followers, subscribers, channel views, video/image views, etc. More importantly, measure % effective reach per channel by adding engagement activities such as likes + comments + shares and dividing by potential audience size.

  • Are you running pay per click advertising campaigns, display advertising campaigns or mobile ads? Measure impressions and click through rates per ad channel.

Architecture – Channel design, structure and functionality

  • Assess website usability. How are graphic elements used? How effectively is information presented and consumed? Test loads times, link integrity, navigation, etcetera.

  • How well are your social media channels set up? Are profiles, descriptions, tags, and links optimized?

Content – Process and assets

  • Do you have a content strategy in place? Do you have content creation workflows in place? Is there a mechanism to measure what’s working and what isn’t?

  • How strong are your content assets? What formats are you using? Text, Video, Photos, Audio, Applications.

Conversion – Activation of visitors

  • Are your digital channels designed with conversions in mind?

  • Do you have any forms on your website, Facebook, blog, or special offers? What is your rate of form fills per visitor? What is your form abandonment rate?

  • Do you have clear calls to action on your web pages, Facebook pages, blog?

Integration – Connection of all online and offline touch points

  • Are social media channels accessible from your website?

  • Are you cross-linking from social media channels to your blog and website?

  • Do your offline activities connect back to digital channels i.e. print ads, trade shows, etc.

Measurement – Digital objectives, metrics and performance

  • Do you have objectives in place for awareness, influence, engagement and action?

  • What metrics are you using to gauge performance?

  • Do you have reporting protocols in place? What is the frequency of measurement and reporting? Are reports analyzed and acted upon?

Assess these audit areas internally and benchmark your performance against your competitors where possible. Has your organization conducted a digital audit recently, and do you feel that you are equipped to audit your digital resources effectively? An audit can be very helpful to your organization’s digital future. If you would like help conducting an audit and the perspective of an experienced outside resource, please don’t hesitate to contact McCafferty Advertising today.

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