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Localization is as important in print marketing as it is in digital

We’re seeing an increase in the importance of personalization in marketing especially in digital channels. Being local and granular can raise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts online. However, it’s necessary to personalize your printed marketing materials too, and it can be just as effective.

I’m not just talking about putting a marketing target’s name on an envelope either. There are techniques for print localization you can use to create your printed marketing messages that reflect a market’s culture, values, and other geographical factors.

Consider including things like popular landmarks or icons in a specific market. You can discover what cultural demographics are in an area and other unique factors that can help a person feel as though you created something special just for them.

Whether you are advertising home remodeling or computer software, you can reach that target demographic by placing your ad in a particular section of a local newspaper or magazine. Newspapers and magazines often have home, lifestyle, technology, sports – and more – sections.

You can also micro target your location with regional papers that have targeted section for certain neighborhoods or cities. This could be a perfect place to advertise a new restaurant, dry cleaner, or home repair company.

For help localizing and raising the effectiveness of your print and digital marketing efforts contact McCafferty Advertising today.

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