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Marketing for your law firm should work as hard as you do

Studies show that at medium to large sized law firms in the US attorneys work an average of 66 hours per week. That’s an average, which means that many are working well over 70 hours per week, and if you have additional responsibilities such as marketing your firm, it could easily be more than that.

These statistics lead me to ask two questions. One is that if you are working these kinds of hours, how effectively do you feel you can market your firm considering the amount of time you have available to do it? And the other question is, if you’re working this hard and you are working with a marketing or advertising agency, don’t you think they should be working as hard as you are on your behalf?

At McCafferty Advertising we’ve been working successfully with law firms for many years. We know what it takes and we understand your drive for measurable, results-oriented marketing that works as hard as you do.

Effective marketing means hard work. I know that talk is cheap, so let me show you how I’ve developed a process for How to build marketing campaigns that get results and drive growth. This FREE eBook provides the steps you should take along with real world examples of how law firms and other businesses have benefited from relationships with McCafferty Advertising. Click here to download your FREE eBook.

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