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Mystery caller on line one… What’s your Customer’s experience really like?

So you just spent months working with your advertising agency to develop new product brochures, a great website and a very creative advertising campaign. Of course you include the company phone number and website address on all of these marketing pieces. But have you ever called that number yourself? Be the mystery caller on the other end of the line to understand your customers’ experience.

Better yet, have someone unfamiliar with your product or service call for information. What does your staff say on the other end of that line, or how do they direct the call? You may be surprised by what you find out. You work hard to market your company as effectively as possible but it can fall apart with a bad experience in that all-important first direct communication from a prospective customer call.

Have you ever sat in your lobby with your customers to see how they respond to the environment? Try it sometime. You could see your business with new eyes - the eyes of your customer. You only have one opportunity at a first impression and it needs to be stellar. Take a long hard look at the experience of doing business with YOU. The tendency is to spend all your energy making the best product or service available, but don’t forget the first contact experience. Make it a positive lasting impression.

You can count on McCafferty Advertising to take a holistic approach to your marketing and advertising. We deliver the great strategy and creative you expect, but also take into account every step of your customer’s experience to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward. Contact us today to take the first steps toward marketing success.

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