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Skilled nursing & rehab facilities require multiple marketing messages to multiple audiences

Skilled nursing and rehab facilities require multiple marketing messages to multiple audiences McCafferty Advertising has over 35 years of healthcare marketing experience to lean on when helping clients factor the best approach for their particular situation. Marketing skilled nursing facilities and rehab centers is quite different from the way you might market other types of senior living.

There are two basic sources that drive decision-making in these situations. They are personal tour or visit, and referral source recommendations.

The decision making process for patients/caregivers is often driven by an emergency situation. It’s informed by sales literature, websites, videos and visits. Frequently input is provided by referral sources including discharge planners, caseworkers and doctors.

Getting referral sources to recommend your facility requires a longer-term sales effort. These sources have relationships with other facilities so it is going to be important to demonstrate how you are different and better.

Things get even more complicated because these referral resources often have differing agendas. This makes it more difficult to market with one unified message. Discharge planers are concerned with patients having a good quality of life at the facility to which they refer. Physicians want patients to be where they will receive the care necessary to ensure they do not require re-admission to the. They are interested in quality of care.

The challenge is to develop parallel messaging that is highly targeted, one addressing quality of life and the other quality of care. To do this you must look closely at the attributes of your facility and pull out key points of differentiation that set you apart from your competition in both quality of life and quality of care concerns. These points will be the basis of marketing messaging that will be developed to appeal directly to each of the target audiences.

This key messaging will then be converted into marketing and advertising focused on each of the two audiences. This can be a tricky tightrope to walk and may require some outside assistance. McCafferty Advertising has the experience and expertise to help you develop targeted marketing the strikes that right balance with both audiences. Contact us to learn more about how we help skilled nursing and rehab facilities thrive on referrals.

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