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Stories about home make your facility feel like home

We all have a place we call home. It’s where our real lives outside of work unfold. We all have countless stories about family and friends that make our experience of home meaningful to each of us. These are the stories that make our homes feel like… Well, home.

Stories are powerful reminders of the things we love and value and they communicate this love and these values to others when we share them. This is why you should take efforts to know the stories of your residents and share them.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Telling resident (and staff) stories is a great way to connect with your prospects, create content for social media channels, and garner positive media coverage for your community. Stories are real and powerful, and build upon one another to tell your organization’s overall story.

McCafferty Advertising has over 30 years of experience helping nursing homes with marketing. We understand what works and how to best position you in the marketplace. Contact us to learn more about how to best tell the story of your residents’ home and download this FREE eBook for more great stories about how we’ve helped nursing homes market successfully.

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