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Success stories add up when marketing accounting firms

We coined the phrase “Beyond Bean Counting” in a campaign for a major accounting firm some time ago, and I stand by it today. As an accounting firm, you must deliver services and results that are beyond the expectations of your clients and that exceed the expectations of your clients’ “bean counting” perception.

When marketing your accounting firm, it’s important to communicate the difference your firm delivers. One of the best ways to do this is through story telling. Be sure to have an array of success stories ready to share with your clients and prospects. These stories are great ways to demonstrate your particular approach to accounting services for your clients and how you have a personal stake in their success.

Use testimonial information in your messaging. Prospective clients want to know what’s in it for them. Some of your best marketing messages can come from accolades given to your firm by resources with which your prospects can identify. We all look toward stories and situations that remind us of ourselves to understand how we might also succeed following the lead of others.

If you are responsible for marketing your accounting firm, we should get to know each other. My methods for creating decades of successful marketing campaigns could be critical in your efforts to attract new clients and to drive new business. Read my book; How to build marketing campaigns that get results and drive growth. Use this link today to GET YOUR FREE COPY

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