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The best medical practice marketing tip that’s often forgotten

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful techniques for building your patient network over time, but you must empower your patients to market your practice and grow your network for you.

Empower your customers to reflect on their experience with your practice by sending online surveys to them after their visit or by having a feedback form on your website. By taking your patients’ feedback into consideration you are helping them become a part of the development of your organization, making them feel involved and that their feedback is being heard.

If you make reasonable changes to your practice based on feedback, it will help improve the experience of your patients and they’ll be more vocal about their opinions of your services.

Create video testimonials of your patient success stories from your key patient supporters to use on your website. Allowing your patients to sing your praises is a more authentic and successful approach then writing your own marketing messages.

Create a customer referral program that incentives your existing patients to think of your practice and recommend it to friends, family and acquaintances.

Make it simple to earn rewards for recommending new patients even a small redeemable gift card will get people excited about recommending your practice. Be sure to reference this referral program on your website to let your patients know this is something they can take advantage of.

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