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The most important partner in a law firm may be the one who markets your business

Attorneys work hard to become partners in a law firm. It is a right of passage that confirms the value of an attorney in the eyes of his peers. Partnership means trust, expertise and opportunity.

While creating a solid and growing firm you rely on building a foundation of partners who can work together toward success, you should not forget what might be the most important partnership your firm can have. It is the partnership with your marketing company.

Just as partnership inside the firm indicates trust expertise and opportunity, this special partnership with your marketing consultant carries the same meaning. In fact, the fruit of this partnership can be more financially rewarding for your firm than any other partnership you may form.

When looking for the right marketing partner be sure that they will take a deep and real interest in your firm considering all aspects of your contact with clients. Advertising agencies with surface-level interest that are just in the business of coming up with some ads and campaigns that will turn some heads does not constitute a real partnership. These campaigns are important, but you need to focus on resources that will take a deep dive into your business and really understand what makes you different, digs-in to find where your real opportunities for growth exist and takes a broad approach considering every aspect of your firm’s client, and potential client communication. The truly great campaigns and ads will come from this kind of work.

McCafferty Advertising does just this. We dive deeply into your business and consider every avenue for potential growth while eliminating waste. Download my eBook to learn more about real-world experiences in assisting law firms and other businesses with marketing that works.

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