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Throwing money away on your law firm's marketing budget? Maybe it's time for an audit.

From time-to-time it’s good to take a hard objective look at your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what’s not. If you’re currently working with a marketing or advertising agency, depending on the nature of your relationship, you may want to work with a third party to audit your marketing efforts.

This is not to suggest that your current agency is doing something wrong, or that you can’t audit your own marketing, the problem is that as creators of marketing campaigns, and with your direct involvement in marketing efforts for your firm, it is possible for you and your agency to get too close to the work that’s being done. This makes it very hard to be objective.

McCafferty Advertising has over 40 years of experience working with Law Firms to develop and implement marketing and advertising that works. We can put this experience to work for you to audit your current marketing to find out what’s working and what is not. We can grade your efforts and report to you as an objective third party showing you effective areas where more effort should be applied and less effective areas that may be subject to change.

Our deep dive into your marketing includes all of your communication channels so that you can gain a more complete view of your current state. We then make suggestions based on experience that will help you improve the effectiveness of the work you’re doing. Contact McCafferty Advertising today to learn more about marketing audits and stop feeling like you may be throwing money away.

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