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Using Facebook for targeting mass tort clients.

When a personal injury attorney is developing a mass tort case, they need to pull people into a conversation about the case who have first-hand experience. The people who will act as mass tort plaintiffs will have to meet all of the criteria the lawyer is looking for to build a solid case that could take a long time to resolve.

Finding people that meet all of these criteria can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Attorneys must find ways to target and locate the right individual. In my work with personal injury law firms, I have found that social media, and Facebook in particular, can sometimes provide a great vehicle for getting a mass tort off the ground.

Facebook collects an enormous amount of data about its users. Most of us think about the information that we provide to Facebook actively, information like our name, age, hometown, birthday, etcetera. The truth is that Facebook is constantly collecting data about us based on our posts, purchases and inquiries.

What you may not realize is that all of this information is available to you when you boost a post you’ve made on Facebook. When amplifying a post, you have access to demographic information that you can drill down to refine an audience you wish to engage very specifically.

Defining and marketing to a specific audience this way can accomplish the goals of finding a large number of class action participants through the use of online conversations. In a recent experience using Facebook to develop a mass tort concerning a specific women’s health issue we had so many qualified respondents in the first day that we had to quickly scale-up our communication resources to handle the volume.

Spend time deciding the exact parameters of your targeted audience concerning the case you will bring to bear. Then experiment with the demographic attributes Facebook offers to your promotional efforts and adjust it until you are comfortable with the idea that you have created an effective net to fish for individuals with first-hand experience concerning your case through online conversations. Then launch your campaign and be ready to respond. (We answered over 2400 posts on the year-long campaign I mentioned above)

Learn more about how you can find good clients. Visit www.McCaffertyAdvertising and contact us to discover how to best effectively market your law firm.

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