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Why Children and Marketing Professionals ask, Why?

Why is the sky blue?

Why is water wet?

Why are Brussel Sprouts yucky?

If you’re a parent you know that kids ask why about a thousand times a day. They ask why like it’s their job. Now some people think that marketing and advertising people act like children. Well, I guess that’s true in many ways, especially when it comes to asking why. Constantly asking why really is their job.

Any good marketing professional will always be asking why. At McCafferty Advertising we ask why a lot. We want to know all about your business. Not just the things you may consider to be related to advertising either. We take a deep dive into your products, your locations, your company’s personality, your customers and more.

It’s important to know as much about what makes your company different, what will make your customer happy, what your customer wants and needs and what you hope to gain from your relationship with them. All of the answers to these questions begin with why.

If your advertising agency isn’t asking why enough, and you feel like it’s time to consider other options, contact McCafferty Advertising. We’re not just full of questions; we help to find the right answers too.

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